"He [Jack] gives some of the most helpful, honest and in-depth reviews you will find on the internet for all kinds of musical gear. Pedals, guitars, amps, speakers...all good stuff!!" ~ Eminence Speakers LLC


"Jack Fossett is an incredible guitar player and that would be enough for most folks. His is also a great dad and an avid surfer. His great video reviews of effect pedals and guitar products are one of the best ways to hear a piece of gear before you buy it.
We are so proud that he reviewed our pedals, his touch and technique are the perfect compliment to our pedals. Please check out his reviews of our pedals and subscribe to his YouTube channel and take a look at so many other great reviews besides ours. A great experience! Thanks Jack!" ~ Andy Green of Andy Green Pedals

Here are some of Jack's latest videos. Jack has worked with and been featured by many guitar product companies ranging from guitars and amps to pedals and speakers. Please visit Jack's YouTube Page and subscribe for new demos, live performance videos and more! If you are a guitar, amp or pedal builder and would like to have Jack demo your products, please email for pricing!